Sand Up for Safety

Our Mission

As summer season unofficially begins, Sand Up for Safety ™ is working with Members of Congress and leaders in the retail industry to urge the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to study market conditions. Impalements and injuries occur most frequently during the summer season.

With growing Congressional, industry, and public support, Sand Up for Safety ™ will be working to learn more about how we can reduce preventable injuries, save lives, and better account for the estimate of injuries which is widely acknowledged to be under-reported in assessment and scope.

While the ability to prevent many of these injuries exists, the CPSC must act now to study existing marketplace solutions and publish its results in the Federal Register. Then, the public and industry will be able to submit comments in response to the CPSC’s findings and recommendations to protect the public from preventable injuries and death.  


How We Got Started

On July 29, 2018, Robert K. Houton witnessed a beach umbrella become airborne from a gust of wind and come dangerously close to seriously injuring children on a public beach. Noticing other beachgoers gasp in relief that the danger had temporarily subsided, Robert immediately researched why there was not a solution in place to mitigate a recurrence of this threat to the beach-going public.

After learning that emergency hospital admissions data does not allow for a full accounting of the frequency of beach umbrella injuries, and that Ms. Lottie Belk was killed from an impalement by a beach umbrella on a Virginia beach on June 8, 2016, Robert took the initiative to reach out to relevant stakeholders, including national safety groups, hospital and first responder groups, and corporations which value their corporate responsibility to support safety in public policies relating to the goods and services they provide to their consumers.

Through Robert’s decisive, persistent and passionate leadership to do what’s right, a growing coalition is now working with the U.S. Congress and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to undertake a study, the results of which will be published in the Federal Register.

Please join the Sand Up for Safety coalition to help us get this done, save lives, and reduce injuries by sending us an email here.